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NobilityObliges That's pretty cool.
Looks like the 2nd Expansion Pack will be maps from BF3:  From the quick glimpse it looks like:  Firestorm, Metro, Oman, Caspian

Zepplen Get raped wallet!
dayz   created a new thread Figured Zepplen might like this in the Battlefield 3 forum
dayz   created a new thread Your Battlefield History in the General Discussion forum
Zepplen   created a new thread PFttptGFpfpfppffpppPPGGMADISON, MS 39110 in the Battlefield 4 forum
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Even though I don't play BF4 anymore, I knew I wasn't crazy when this happens to me. [link]
bro's fer life aye
and aye, we're long dead, but w/e we can still be bros Oo
I have it, I think the expansion in coming out right away, i might get that. dunno. Happy Birthday Zep
Might pick up DIablo 3 for $20. Anyone else have it?
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